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Rescue doesn’t always happen in a shelter, sometimes it happens by accident! That was certainly the case with Sweetie. Sweetie had lived her entire life tied to a tree. The day she chewed through her rope was the day her life was forever changed. As she ran across the road, unfettered for the first time, she was hit by a car. Now that might have spelled the end for some dogs, but for Sweetie, it was the beginning of her way out. A good Samaritan saw the accident and got her to a vet immediately! Surgeries for a broken radius and dislocated hip quickly followed.  

You might think this was the end of the story, but not for Sweetie...less than two months later, Sweetie needed to have the surgery done again. This time our girl hit the jackpot and the hip and femur were replaced at the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph, Canada’s oldest veterinary school, and when these doctors fix a problem, it stays fixed! Now with all that pain and suffering, you might think that cracks might be showing in her good temper, but that’s not the case at all. It’s hard to imagine a show of gratitude from a dog but when Sweetie looks at you, you swear she is thanking you for taking care of her. Almost as if on some level, she knows that she’s in safe hands and that she’ll never go back to her former life.  Sweetie is recovering well and is in the care of one our amazing fosters.  She is attending Niagara Canine Conditioning for therapy where they are working on strengthening her back hip. Her front leg is healing nicely.

Thank you, Joyce and John Morocco, for loving and caring for this sweet girl. Fosters are the heart of rescue and NDR is truly blessed with the most amazing foster families.

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