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That's my dog

I’d like to introduce you to Sammy (who was previously named Ayra).  I managed to capture the reaction I saw in her eyes when I said ‘that’s my dog’. It was more like she ‘owned’ me!

I had loved a dog for 16.5 years and when I had to make the difficult decision to let her go, it was a pain I never wanted to feel again.  It has been just over 10 years since I had to say goodbye and hadn’t been able to open my heart or home to another dog until now. 

When I saw that poor pathetic soul that was very pregnant, my heart felt something it hadn’t felt in a very long time. I believe she was picked up from Kismutt Kennels rescue in Chatham. 

The moment I saw her face, my heart began to want to love her.  I put in an application specifically for her and Fil (our adoption lead) worked really hard and fast, to have my phone interview done and completing my reference checks within a few weeks.  I was approved to adopt, but sadly, Ayra was marked as ‘adoption pending’.  My heart sank, but I just figured it wasn’t meant to be.  Then, a few weeks out of the blue, I got an email saying; she was up for adoption and if I wanted to meet her.  Gasping for breath….Did I?  START THE CAR!!!!  I made the 1.5 hour drive to Guelph where she was being fostered by an 84 year old lady named Irene.  From the moment I set eyes on Ayra, I knew she was mine.  She climbed into my lap and smothered me in kisses.  She is a 57lb lap dog; all she wanted was to be loved and show an insane amount of love in return.   

After spending time cuddling and petting her,  I went back 4 days later to bring her home with me.  Irene cried.  Have you ever seen an 84 year cry?  Let’s just say it made this 41 year old cry too.  I still keep in touch with Irene, and I told her she is always welcome to visit me in Niagara with her niece. I have no doubt they will one day and look forward to the reunion.

She was renamed Sammy in her new home and had 10 puppies in mid-June;  all were adopted successfully. If you were lucky enough to get one of her pups, I hope they all have the disposition of their biological fur mamma.  I honestly could not ask for a better dog.  She is incredibly sweet and docile, very affectionate, gentle with children of all ages, and has never met a dog she didn’t love.

Do you have one of Sammy’s puppies?  I’d love to see pictures of them!

Thanks to NDR for picking her up in Kentucky and for picking me to be her mom.  She has made me happier than I ever thought possible.  My heart is full!

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