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The rainbow bridge

A note from Ashleigh Thompson we received on recently. We walked our sweet Owen to the rainbow bridge today.

I'm not quite sure what to say. It doesn't quite feel real yet. We knew that his day was coming sooner rather than later after a lump was found in his testicle (spay and neuter your pets!!) at his last check up in March.

I am so incredibly thankful for having Owen in our lives, even though it wasnt for as long as we hoped it would be. If I had the chance to do it all over again I would in a heart beat, ups and downs and all. 

Owen had an unimaginably difficult life before he made his way up to Canada. Owen had absolutely no business being as loving as he was and had every single right to be a vicious mean old dog. And, I wouldn't have blamed him one bit if he was. That being said, I have never seen a dog look at you with such admiration. When you look into his eyes, they down right radiate love and it made you feel like no problem was really all that bad. 

After Owen made his way along to his next journey, there were many things that popped up through our day that made us stop and think about our time with him. We went to our favorite furniture store and saw a painting that brought me back to tears. Seeing a post about Owen on NDRs website. A statue of a dalmatian. And a cardinal flying past after we picked up Bruce (NDR's Lucky Boy) from my mother-in -law's. 

Owen touched so many lives during his time with us. If you have it in your heart, I strongly urge you to consider adopting a senior dog or senior bonded pair. If the Grinch restoring Christmas made his heart grow 3 times its size, giving a senior dog a place to call home will make yours grow 300 times!!

Give your pups an extra snack tonight, or an extra toss of the ball.


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