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Meet Angel (20211106-01) and Dixie (20211106-02) (Bonded)

These ladies are seniors in name only! They can still dance it up with the best of them! and dance they do! They virtually dance around the room with joy as soon they see you!
What exactly is so rewarding about adopting a senior pair? In a word, it's gratitude. Some might scoff at the idea of a grateful dog. But you'll find your self esteem is renewed every time you come home to these two.
Regardless of whether you are a novice adopter or an experienced owner looking for a laid-back pair to match your easy-going lifestyle, you'll look far and wide before you before you will find lovelier dogs.
Dixie is 9 years old. She is a diabetic and takes insulin twice a day. We come back to gratitude here...she offers her paw in thanks after her shot. Her foster found her own eyes tearing up with love the first time.
Angel, Dixie's mom is 10 years old. As you would expect, both girls are house trained and walk on a leash.


Category: Arriving soon
Size Range: Large (51 LBs - 75 LBs)
Weight: 55 lbs
Age Range: Senior (8+ Years)
Age: Dixie 9 years & Angel 10 years
Sex: Female
Breed: Blue Heeler mix
Legacy: No
Color: Black/white/blue
Good With Kids: Yes

but shy

Good With Adults: Yes
Good With Dogs: Yes

but Dixie is shyer around other dogs than Angel

Good With Cats: Unknown
Housebroken: Yes
Crate Trained: Unknown
Energy Level: Medium
Can be handled / touched Yes
Flight Risk: No
Food Aggressive: No
Walks On Leash: Yes
Destructive: No
Needs a Yard: Yes
Angel does love being outside and is learning to use a dog door. Dixie is indifferent but
would need frequent walks if no yard (frequent being every 6 to 8 hrs as she is diabetic and can only hold so long,
but more often would be best)
Needs a Home With a Second Dog: No
they are mom and daughter and bonded. They have been through a lot, suffering the
loss of their owner who had them since very young. We can’t imagine separating them!
Can Live in Apartment: Yes

I think so, as long as they get walks.

Special Needs: No
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
From: Texas

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