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Meet Batman (20221105-02)

History: Along with his pals Robin and Ironman used to wander by the shelter, they were always very nice and used to come to meet us whenever we got there. They were always looking for food because their owner didn't feed them and wasn't nice to them; one day the neighbors threatened to kill them, because they didn't like them wandering around their property. This was our opportunity to finally rescue them and let them inside the shelter. He is a distemper survivor, so given the circumstances he has a nervous tic in his back leg, which doesn't interfere with his exercising Personality.

Foster history: He is a very loving, caring, playful sweet boy, who is always active and loves going on long walks into the woods. Spending time with people and specially playing ball with them is his favorite hobby Even after all he suffered, he's a very sweet, loving, playful, sociable boy. He loves sitting on people's lap, as if he was a small size dog. He's very smart, obedient, and loves getting love and pampered. Getting to know new people, playing with other dogs and exploring his surroundings makes him very happy.



Category: In Ontario
Size Range: Medium (26 LBs - 50 LBs)
Weight: 48 lbs
Age Range: Adult (1 Year – 7 Years)
Age: 4 years
Sex: Male
Breed: Mixed
Legacy: No
Color: Black and white
Good With Kids: Yes
Good With Adults: Yes
Good With Dogs: Yes
Good With Cats: Yes
Housebroken: No
Crate Trained: Yes
Energy Level: Medium
Can be handled / touched Yes
Flight Risk: No
Food Aggressive: No
Walks On Leash: Yes
Destructive: No


Needs a Yard: No
Needs a Home With a Second Dog: No
Can Live in Apartment: Yes
Special Needs: No
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
From: Mexico

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