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FAQ’s: Niagara Dog Rescue


  • Dog has diarrhea and/or some blood in stool
    a. First no treats for dog,
    b. Feed only boiled brown rice with boiled chicken for at least 2 days, if improvement slowly start to add back in dog food
    c. The dog food may be too rich or the dog may be allergic to it – for allergies try a food without chicken (I use Acana pork and butternut squash), too rich move to a different food – some dogs cannot handle grain free especially hounds
  • Dog has rash of some sort
    a. Keep clean and dry
    b. Wash with warm water and dish soap (it is antibacterial) or water with some apple cider vinegar in it
    c. Often dogs have some skin issues when changing climates
  • Dog needs nails done
    a. Not super common but if they cannot cut them themselves they can bring to groomer or vet to get cut. Fosters can either bring to one of our vets and we pay or they pay at another establishment and we reimburse (nail cutting at any vet is usually 11-15$)
  • Dog has worms
    a. SHOULD never happen but, shockingly, it happens.
    b. Dog needs to go to one of our vets to get dewormer
  • Fixed?
    a. ALL of our dogs are spayed/neutered.
  • Vaccinated?
    a. Our dogs come vaccinated with the following: Rabies, DHLPP, Bordatella.
    b. They are also dewormed and on flea/tick prevention.


  • Cannot pick up from transport
    a. It is expected that fosters/adopters pick the dog up from transport. However, if you are experiencing extenuating circumstances please speak to your lead to see if accommodations can be arranged.


  • House trained?
    a. A lot of fosters/adopters require that a dog is house trained – rarely can we guarantee this but most often our pups are very clean in the house and when they get out on a routine there is very few issues
  • Crate training?
    a. This SHOULD be posted if a dog is crate trained or not, for the most part our pups are good in crates as they are use to being in a kennel environment
    b. EXCEPTION – Dogs coming from Thailand (SOI Dogs) should NOT be crated.
  • Cats?
    a. Very hard to test if our dogs are good with cats … be patient if you require a cat friendly dog
  • Issues?
    a. Contact Kathy Legault – PEPP K-9 Dog Training Services 905-933-8801