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This form is for dogs that have been adopted from Niagara Dog Rescue within 4 months of today's date. If the dog has been in your home for over 4 months please see the Owner Surrender form as the dogs behaviours may have changed due to it's current circumstances and the dog will need to be assessed before being surrendered to our rescue.

What happened? Please give as many details as possible. When (date and time) and where did it happen? Members of this family. As well as people involved. Had the dog been exercised that day to its full needs? Please answer honestly so we can best figure out the next steps. How long has the dog been with you and your family? Do you have photos of injuries, before and after treatment, if applicable? Was there any hair removed, bruising, torn clothing, or broken collars? Have you recently changed the dogs diet? Or added something to their diet? Did the dog give a growl warning?

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