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About the Dog

1. I/we hereby represent and warrant to NDR, their agents, successors, and assigns that the undersigned are the sole owner(s) of the above-described animal.
2. That I/we have full power and authority to surrender this animal for adoption, that I/we are the only person(s) who are listed as registered owner(s) of this animal with the CKC /AKC, that no other person or persons signatures are required to effect a valid transfer of CKC/AKC registration papers on this animal, and that no other person or persons have any legal or equitable ownership interest in this animal.
3. PERTINENT INFORMATION. I/we agree to provide NDR with any documents, registration papers and all other available information concerning this animal which might assist in matching this animal with the proper prospective adoptive home, including health and inoculation records, pedigree, name and address of breeder or other person from whom the animal was acquired, and information concerning this dog's history.
4. CONSENT FOR CONTACT. I/ we understand that NDR may contact the breeder or previous owner of the animal to provide additional background information or otherwise assist in locating a suitable adoptive home and hereby give our consent to these efforts. I also grant my permission for all prior veterinary records and known medical history to be submitted to the NDR.
5. SURRENDER OF RIGHTS. By executing this document, I/we understand that I/we are giving up forever all right, title and interest to the above-mentioned animal and I/we further understand that all future decisions regarding placement of this animal will be made solely by NDR. I/we also understand that if this animal is later found to have such an unpredictable temperament as to be unsuitable for any placement, or if the animal's quality of life is substantially impaired, in the opinion of a competent veterinarian, by a chronic, irreversible, painful condition, euthanasia may be considered as a final alternative to adoptive placement.
6. I/we, the undersigned, hereby specifically and forever release and hold NDR harmless from any and all liability arising from the placement for adoption by NDR of the above-mentioned animal or for any other actions taken by NDR in accordance with and reliance upon the representations and warranties I/we have made herein and the authorization I/we have provided under the terms of this document. I/we agree to indemnify and hold harmless NDR for any and all damages suffered and expenses incurred (including legal fees) in defending any legal action, whether for bodily injuries or death, property damage, breach of contract, or otherwise, whether instituted by me/us or by any other person or persons including the adoptive owners, arising out of or in consequence of the placement of the dog, in reliance upon the authorizations, representations and warranties I/we have made in this agreement.
7. I/we certify that this animal is not possessed of any dangerous or vicious propensities and that I/we have not willfully or knowingly concealed any information about the animal that might indicate such propensities. I/we have read the preceding and agree to the conditions set forth herein.