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We love hearing all the wonderful stories

Each and every dog holds a special place in our hearts and the hearts of their new Forever Families!

Wants all the cuddles!

Update on Zorro… Just wanted to let you know Zorro is settling in beautifully! Hes is so calm and sweet and all he wants are cuddles!! Hahah we are so in love with him! we had to lay on his bed for him to realise what it was! But he was instantly infatuated with it! If hes not at our feet getting a belly rub and an ear scratch hes cuddled up on his bed!

Fit in right away!

Everything is great! We’re enjoying his company very much. I can tell you how his week went. He was happy in the apartment right away, we could tell he enjoyed the indoors more than outside. He slept well on the first night but he woke up pretty aware his surroundings. He was scared of the sounds of the building, the cars outside, and other dogs barking. Shows some signs of separation anxiety. He’s attached to my partner Amanda and cried and cried when she left for work this morning. He likes to sit on his bum outside until he gets to go back in. We’ve been working with him everyday and now instead of putting on the brakes we’ve got him to go all the way downstairs and outside in one stride. He’s still having issues with potty training but he’s getting much better. He doesn’t really get that he’s supposed to pee outside, he waits and waits until he finally goes. He’s a very sweet boy and loves people and loves over dogs. He met his grandparents and aunties this past weekend and got to play with the hose and water at our bbq. He’s got all his heartworm and flea/tick prevention. Microchip is up to date. Puppy training classes start on July 8th! We’re very happy! I’ve attached some photos for you!

He’s such a Model

I know you probably are super busy making people’s dreams come true adopting dogs but we wanted to send along a recent picture of Lloyd (formerly Daru). He has recently been asked to model for an accessory company for dogs. We did a photoshoot recently in our backyard (I’m a photographer) and wanted to share his sweetness. We also started an Instagram page for him because he’s become quite popular with friends who need some cuteness in their lives.
We are truly blessed to have him. He is just the best thing. Thank you again!

IG: @inlovewithlloyd

Bruce’s new Sister

When looking for a 2nd dog I was drawn to this little beauty who was described as being a sweet little social butterfly. This tough but sweet little girl sounded like just the right fit. We were initially worried about her integration with our 5 Year old Male German Sheppard Bruce as he hasn’t lived with other dogs before. After having done a TON of reading on the subject and many other dog related ones we are happy to say that we are now one happy pack/family. Within just a few days we were so happy to see them playing, sharing a TON kisses (they are quite smitten with each other) and getting along extremely well. We are ecstatic that Bruce now has a friend to play with and that Gisele is in a forever home where she will be spoiled with love forever. 1 month later we couldn’t be happier. Gisele greets everyone so enthusiastically, she plays so well with other dogs and is the little cuddle bug we always wanted. Gisele, a.k.a. Gigi, is smart, sweet, stubborn, and utterly perfect for us 🙂 Obedience classes start soon for them both and we are considering possibly agility training for fun as well as she is agile and energetic. She is everything we could ask for. Thank you NDR for all you do. There are a ton of great dogs out there that need people like you to help find their forever homes and their own happily ever afters. Sincerely,

Kat, Manuel, Bruce and "Gigi"

From Lisa, Mackenzie, and Waverly

We just wanted to send you an update on Jenny, who we renamed Marley! We brought Marley to her new home and family just 10 days ago. She has been settling in faster than expected. We are so happy to have her in our lives!! Marley brings an abundance of energy and love into our home! She is walking very well on the leash and is snuggling each night on the couch beside us. Marley has such a sweet nature with that dash of goofiness we adore! We don’t know very much about Marley except that she was from Texas. It has been fun seeing her experience the snow and adapt to the cold temperatures. We are planning some in-home training in the new year to empower all of us to be successful with training Marley. Thank you to Cheryl, Michelle and everyone at NDR for allowing us to meet and adopt Marley! We’ve attached a few photos.

Sweet Hershey

Hello NDR! It has been just over 3 months now since we adopted Hershey; and I just wanted to say how happy we are that she is a part of our family! She is even starting to play fetch now! Watching her finally figure out what the ball was for; was absolutely priceless! Thank you for everything you do!

Duncan – Formerly Rookie

Since the beginning Duncan has been my shadow. I can’t go anywhere without him right by my side. He sleeps right between my husband and I and can be found beside my sons crib at nap time. He loves to go to the park and play with all the dogs. It’s quite amazing how fast his little legs can go!! He’s so gentle around my 8 month old son and quite often tries to trade toys! We’ve fallen completely in love with our little Shorty! He’s just the perfect fit for our family!!

We love Remy!

We adopted Remy one week ago and all of us couldn’t be happier. He is such a sweet, loving, smart boy who just loves his new family. We are so fortunate to have found Remy and made him part of our family. Our home is much happy with Remy in it

Our sweet wild card, Gambit (formerly Devin)

Gambit has been such a welcome addition to our family. He is such a sweetheart and just wants to cuddle all the time. He is a big ball of goofy energy and my husband and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Although Gambit’s big puppy brother Bowser might feel differently as his naps are often cut short by Gambit throwing a toy in his face. Gambit is smart, affectionate and so gentle with our young nephews we couldn’t be happier.He loves going for walks, going to the dog park and sleeping with his favoruite toy. Thank you niagara dog rescue for everything.

The Fazzari Family

My Dandilion

Dandelion is doing so very well. She was very timid during her first few days with us, but it wasn’t long before she built up her confidence and now she is very comfortable with her new environment. She loves her toys and loves to play fetch with us in the backyard. Dandelion had her first vet appointment yesterday and she is in very good health. There was just one issue about her teeth. The vet recommended that I brush her teeth to avoid any issues in the future. There was just a slight discolouration in one area of her mouth. I will be looking into the best way to keep Dandelion’s teeth clean. I have attached a photo of Dandelion. Please share them on your website. I also sent a letter and photo Thank you to everyone at Niagara Dog Rescue! Sincerely,

Connie Mancuso

Our Wonderful Cody

We have renamed Brad to Cody and he is responding well to that now.
He is a wonderful dog, friendly and gentle. Considering what his background might have been.
He was only in the crate for less than a week then he made himself comfortable around the house during day and in our bedroom at night.
Has only had a couple of accidents, when we didn’t recognize his signs. All good now.
When we first got him he had some health issues, a badly abscessed tooth, antibiotics took care of that.
He still has two teeth that will probably have to come out(cracked).
Also he has shoulder dysplasia and is on good food, glucosamine tablets and cartrophen injections this seems to be helping.
He gets along great with our other dog, but Cody doesn’t seem to know how to play outside, she is trying to teach him..
Cody loves to walk, but is also happy just to chill close to us in the backyard.
We are so glad to have him, he is and he will always be.. well cared for.
Thank you for all your help and a wonderful dog.

David Swallow

Rescue worth it

We are very happy with Maddox…. aka Maddy; furry-butt Elvis (when he curls his lip); Simba (his coat is golden like a lion).
It has taken some adjustment, but we’re getting along great now. Maddy came to us a sick dog (worms, fleas, kennel cough, giardia), so we didn’t really get to know his “normal” until we took care of that first. He was cautious at first, stressed and didn’t know basic commands. Being our first dog, we had to learn how to speak his language and train him.
Now, with many vet visits, obedience training, and advice from our dog-loving friends behind us, he’s just a sweet part of our family. He knows about a dozen commands, is getting better on the leash everyday and is becoming more affectionate. He loves balls (he’s learned
to play ball by himself), walks/runs, and anything edible. We’re working on his recall (start classes next week), his behavior with other dogs (occasionally he gets overexcited and dominant), his love of chewing our shoes to pieces, and his occasional peeing on the floor in front of us. If we’re unable to overcome these behaviors on our own, we will have to find someone to help.
Overall, we think he’s an amazing dog and will just become even better as he matures and grows. We are happy he’s a part of our family!

Liza and Julie

The Trail Runners

It’s been a fun three weeks with our Lilly so far. She’s more relaxed each day and just loves our morning runs on the Bruce trails. I have passed the vet records onto our vet and taken her in for her lepto and lime shots as well. She’s made friends with the butcher at our farmers market and gets a sausage each Saturday morning. Thanks

The Curzons


Saturday, July 23, 2016 To the Wonderful People at Niagara Dog Rescue: I would like to give you an updated on Dandelion, whom I adopted just one week ago today. Dandelion was a very sweet girl right from the start, but also very timid. With patience and letting her explore her new environment at her own pace, within a very short period of time, she was very calm and adjusted well. I have enjoyed her so much. She loves her toys, especially playing fetch the ball. She is coming along well on the leash. She is pulling less, but when a squirrel is in sight it takes a lot to keep her focused on the walk, but I am working on this. After my Kilo passed away on March 19th of this year, I thought my heart would break. I had Kilo for 10 years. I rescued him at the age of 3 years. I made up my mind that I would never adopt another dog, as I did not want to bear this much grief again. Three months went by and although I was still grieving for Kilo, another part of me felt such a void. The house felt so empty. I knew what was missing. I was missing a friend to always be there; a friend who was never too tired to go for a walk with me; a friend who was always there sitting patiently beside me as I typed on my laptop or watched the latest news. So after some serious thought, I knew it was time to look for my new “Best Friend”. With the help of Niagara Dog Rescue that dream came true and her name is Dandelion! Thank you to all the great people at NDR and to all the wonderful foster parents. Without your enduring and outstanding work in providing safe and structured homes for these delightful doggies, we would have less “Best Friends” in the world to make our lives complete. I sincerely thank everyone involved in bringing Dandelion into my life!

Connie Niagara Falls, ON

Jack & Debbie Moon

An update on Ariel adopted from NDR November 2015. When Ariel first arrived at our home, she was not house trained, extremely nervous, afraid of noises and afraid of other dogs. She only took a week to house train, she is no longer afraid of noises and other dogs. Ariel is actually a very special dog. She is so smart and has been so easy to train. She loves her daily walks and she walks properly, she sits before she crosses the street and is always looking back to insure her new sister is safe. Ariel is extremely fast and loves to run around the yard at top speed, such a joy to see. Her favourite game is playing catch with a tennis ball and yes she can catch and actually will throw you the ball with her mouth. Everyone on our street has got to know and love her. She has become a big sister to our diabetic and blind 10 year old Maltese. She has now grown from 45 lbs to 80 lbs in 8 months and I think she will level out around 100 lbs. We can not thank the gals at NDR enough for allowing Ariel in our lives.

Poppy was the puzzle piece we didn’t know we were missing

When we were thinking about getting a dog, everyone told us to be careful … “it’s a big transition especially with rescue dogs. They have behavioural issues and are traumatized more than we can begin to understand. They can even be violent….” Instead of setting us back, we let all those negative comments fuel our fire in searching for our perfect dog. When I saw a picture of poppy, I had a strange pull towards her. I had never met her, but I knew there was something special about her. When we were approved to take her home and drove to Niagara to meet her and pick her up, it was love at first sight. She was so shy and scared but you could see her sweet eyes trying so hard to stay calm. In the 3 weeks weve had her home with us, she has completely transformed. She is relaxed, she’s eating and drinking water, playing with her toys and her sister Jenny (kitty cat), and she loves exploring our neighbourhood. Nothing about adopting poppy has been hard. There are no behavioural issues. She is so kind and gentle towards every creature she meets. Every day for her is a new hurdle to jump over and with a little patience, and a whole lot of love, poppy is growing into her skin and becoming the dog she was born to be! If you are reading this and you are currently on the fence about adopting a dog, please take it from me that it is a true joy knowing you saved a life and you are giving a living being a new start at having a healthy and happy family. Poppy was the puzzle piece we didn’t know we were missing. Tomorrow will be our 3 week adopt-a-versary! We can’t wait for the next chapter!

Dax – The real story… and who he is now!

This is DAX now… Dax is an amazing, friendly, happy and goofy boy… however he did not start this way from the beginning… When we first picked Dax up he was timid, scared of new people and would nip at them out of fear, he also had no training whatsoever. Dax came to NDR the same way most of our dogs do, found as a stray and put on the list to be euthanized. Knowing this I understood his behaviour, the nipping was not aggression, he was not mean and had no intent to hurt anyone he was just scared! So we worked with him, we had patience and understanding, we did not invite all of our friends to meet him the first week we got him, we gave him a safe spot to escape to if he wanted (nice soft warm crate). We gave Dax structure with walks and regular feeding schedules. Within a few weeks he really started to come out of his shell and with this came jumping on people because he realized they were not going to hurt him, then came the training to not jump on people but to say hello nicely smile emoticon. We brought him places, pet stores, walks around a busy campus and of course brought treats, had people make him “sit” and he got a treat- he sees new people as awesome and now sits when he meets people! We saw that having another dog around really gave him confidence around new people so we scheduled walks with friends with dogs and saw him turn into a different more confident and happy dog. Today it has been 6 months and he is the most loving, sweet and happy boy, he loves to play with all dogs and he amazing with any dog, he loves kids and will take treats so gently from them. He knows everyone around the neighbourhood and they know him and say hi every day. Bottom line he is AMAZING! Is the training done, no of course not! Training is on going and this is fun, training keeps your dogs mind busy and strenghtens the bond between owner and dog. So all this to say PLEASE HAVE PATIENCE with your new rescue pup, they will return this with giving you their whole heart and loving you without question. #rescuedogsarentbroken


Betty is doing absolutely amazing!! She is the sweetest, most gentle, well mannered dog I’ve ever met. She doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body. She’s so happy and loves meeting new people. She’s especially great with kids. She spends hours playing with my nieces when they visit. Everyone who meets her says how lovely and good tempered she is. I really can’t say enough good things about her. She has no destructive tendencies at all. Whenever she’s left alone, I come back to everything as it was…well, occasionally, she likes to take dirty laundry from the hamper and bring it to her bed to sleep on. She doesn’t chew it or destroy it, she just likes to take a nap on it. Lol. She’s a great walker on a leash, the only tugging is when she sees a squirrel or a rabbit, but we’re working on that and she’s getting much better everyday. She’s just been an amazing addition to my husband’s and my life. She’s made us more active, more organized and we’re so grateful that she came into our lives. Thanks so much for trusting her well being to us.

Alex & Paul

Dear Lori and other hard workers at NDR,
Paul and I would like to extend a BIG thank you to you and Niagara Dog Rescue for giving us the opportunity to adopt an amazing dog like Bear (a.k.a. Teddy Bear). I have wanted a dog ever since I could ask for one. As my parents wouldn’t get me one I resigned myself to baby sitting all the neighbourhood dogs. Now that we finally got our dog I keep hearing that Bear won the “doggy lottery”. However I would beg to differ as I believe we won the “rescue dog lottery”. Bear is meshing in our family just perfectly. He’s learnt his name, how to sit, and “nah nah” very quickly. He’s gentle, loves people/dogs/cats, and is constantly wagging his tail.
He’s almost 100% house trained but will occasionally mark the house which we’re working on successfully. We are looking forward to making a stronger bond when we start some training classes to brush up on training skills for Bear and ourselves. Here are a few pictures of Bear. Unfortunately we are limited as we’ve found we’ve actually disconnected from our phones since we got Bear – more living in the moment and less looking through a screen.
Once again thank you so much for giving us our new baby!

Lena V. Nielsen

Diamond, now Audi came into our lives in February and quickly became a member of our ‘clan’. We have a 4 year old gentle cat so it was important that our new addition get along with him. At first of course our cat Beemer, was leery and Audi had great fun chasing him in fun, never aggressively. In fact, this sweet girl has never shown an ounce of aggression to any of us. Only if she sees a small critter outside, then her instincts take over and she wants to chase them. She is so sweet, gentle and very loving. Audi has become my shadow and is always nearby, keeping me company. She has even shown her gentleness with children, there is no doubt her personality is all Lab. We’re pleased to see that Audi and Beemer have accepted each other. When we brought her home, we found she did not know any commands, did not know how to take walks and could not climb stairs. This was so sad to me, as she is so eager and very quick to learn. We attended dog classes which was a great help, both she and I learned the proper way to walk, stay, sit, etc. all by positive reinforcement. Unfortunately, she is not great at socializing with other dogs, I think due to her history. However, we are slowly working on that as well, and I think she will realize some dogs just want to have fun, just like her. I am amazed that Audi has never misbehaved in our home, no separation anxiety and sticks to her toys and bones for chewing. Audi is playful, funny, so adorable and is content just to be with us. She has cute little Shar-Pei ears and huge webbed feet, which all add to her character. I can’t wait to see her swim this summer! We are quite impressed with Niagara Dog Rescue, I really liked the fact that I could contact someone and get my questions answered. I have even sent photos to her foster mom. Thanks again for bringing our Audi into our lives, we are one happy family now. Cheers,

Here’s Sunny!

Everything with Sunny (his name is now Finn btw!) is going really really well. He is adapting to our schedule and our house slowly, and has been really good on walks and meeting our neighbours and their dogs too. We are enrolling him in some classes starting this weekend to work on his commands and obedience.

Who rescued Who?

Hi Niagara Dog rescue. Just wanted to give you an update on Noble, renamed Max. Max is amazing. As soon as I met him at his foster, Megan’s home, I knew we would be two peas in a pod. He is the most loving, cuddly, well mannered dog ever. He is great in his crate when I am at work and is amazing with other dogs, kids, adults and even cats. Max is exactly what I needed in my life and I’m pretty sure we rescued each other mutually. We have been accident free, and he has settled into the life of the big city well. He is starting to get used to the snow and has his trust winter coat that he loves. Max is starting to relearn commands and is doing quite well. I am still in shock as how well he has transitioned. Thank you again for all that you do for dogs and for all that you did for Max and me.

Baylees Active Family!

We’ve had Baylee (formerly Rizzo) for about 4 months now…and she is amazing!!! She fits right in with our active family. She loves to run with me or totally relax with one of the kids….She is so smart and our lives have changed with her it….She is a very happy girl… Thank you Niagara Dog Rescue, you are awesome!!!

Mike & Mozart

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Mozart. He actually adjusted pretty smoothly to his new home and new family. When I think about everything he went through that were probably new experiences for him- Elevators, Subways, Automatic doors, busy streets, packed sidewalks, etc… and comparing how he was when I first got him compared to today which is 3 months yesterday- he’s really made progress and is part of the family. He used to get into these hyper active modes where he was totally uncontrollable- he never gets that way anymore- when he’s really fired up- I can put him in sit stay and lie stay and he’s calm again (But I don’t mind him getting playful from time to time in the right time and place). He’s stopped leash biting and walks very nicely on his leash ALL the time (even when there’s something he really wants to see- he gently tugs but if I call him off, he doesn’t press the issue). He flew through his first obedience course and we enrolled in the advanced class that started last week. At the class we played a game that tested Mozart’s “Stay” skills- and he came in second in the class out of 7 students. He’s adapted so well to the new busy urban environment, but more than that- he’s become a loving, dependable member of the household. Very intelligent- so much that he’s too smart for some games (He stopped chasing the laser dot after 20 minutes when he realized I was holding the pointer), and loves training. He’s great with other dogs and people and so gentle and docile he’s good with cats, kids and babies and old people. (I’m thinking of getting him to do the Therapy Dog thing)

Thank you for connecting me with my little friend who has found his forever home. Some people say I saved the rescue’s life- I say he saved mine. Cheers

Diablos Family

I just wanted to let you know Diablo and our puppy Bella have hit it off big time. From tug of war contests, to racing around the yard and joint nap time, the 2 of them are doing great. He has been a great addition to our family and is really helping us out with puppy training. We have been working on leash training with both dogs this week and having a second dog to learn from has sped up the process considerably.

A best friend

I’ve had Axel for six months or so, and he’s been my best friend the whole journey.

The Smiths

My son said he doesn’t need gifts this year because we got Willy Bru a month before Christmas. Then he said well except for some Minecraft books of course… Because they are educational! Haha It inspired this. #dogsandkidsinspire

Inuks Mom

Hi NDR! I just wanted to say that Inuk has settled in beautifully, also to thank you so much for bringing this wonderfully sweet, kind and gentle girl into my life, she’s everything I could have hoped for and more, so thank you again NDR for the sweetest little lady I’ve ever met!

Susan and Robert Aka Mom and Dad

“Hi! My name is Koby! I was just adopted my by new Mum and Dad, Susan and Robert after my long drive to Canada. I met my new, big brother, Bronson and he is SOOO fun. We romp and play together and he is showing me the “ropes”. I am soooo happy to be with my new family. They take me fun places like the beach, car rides and long walks. I get lots of hugs and bum scratches every day. I get to run free in my nice fenced yard and play frisbee and ball. I haven’t tried swimming in the pool or lake yet but I’m sure Bronson will show me that too. I have learned to sit and I am getting pretty good at walking on a leash too. Mum and Dad tell me I am starting school this weekend so I can learn more new things. I can’t wait. I LOVE my forever family!! Thank you to everyone who helped save me and give me my new, happy life. Big, sloppy kisses… Love Koby xoxo


“We have loved our first full day with Kai (now Bella). Our boys are over the moon. She sure is a sweetie and we look forward to getting to know her even better. Thank you for bringing her into our lives.”

Happy Adopter!

Midnight is doing awesome…but she has had a name change to Izzy. She is settling in really well. She is so well behaved and smart! She truly is stunning. People are coming off their porch to meet her when I walk her. Everyone is trying to figure out what she is a mix of, but I say she’s a mix of wonderful! She is such a wonderful girl! Thank you to you and your team for the wonderful work you do:).

Katie and Steve

We’re pretty sure there’s no way a dog could be more loved than Jasper. Thank you !!

The dog formerly known as Channing

“Channing” the dog/new name is… Ralphie Note from Ralphie. I have my very own backyard!!! I have peed on every tree and bush and flower so I know it’s my place for sure. I really love it here!! I got to dig my own hole in the garden and didn’t even get in trouble. I even threw dirt on my new mom and she didn’t mind. I have run everywhere, through the flower gardens and under the big spruce trees. And yipee, there are squirrels and bunnies to chase. There is so much to do. I get to go on the longest walks all over the place in the morning and then again in the evening. There are so many things to smell. I have met other dogs on my walks and we are all friendly. I have met two little boys next door and they really like me. I have met my other neighbours and friendly people everywhere and everybody loves me so much!! This is the best ever place and I’m staying! I have a toy box full of a million toys and they are everywhere and we trip on them, but that’s fun because they squeek! I’m pretty exhausted when we all fall asleep on the bed at night! Sigh, life is great. zzzzzz Thanks Niagara Dog Rescue for saving me!!!!!!!!!!!


Just a quick update from Tim Dog, he is doing so great!
Happy and playful I have been taking him most days to a leash free park where he hangs with the pack, with no social issues at all! He runs with me and definitely challenges me to hurry up.
His submissive behaviors are slowly disappearing and he has almost mastered come, sit and stay even when distracted. He has become a bit of an online celebrity through my Facebook and Instagram. He has also bonded with my girlfriend (He’s a bit of a ladies man) Also, the owner of the Dundas Pet Value has featured him on her social media, as he shares a name with her dad (the previous owner of the store)
Attached are some shots from the other day when we were hiking in the conservation area!
He is a clever and lovely boy with such amazing personality and expression.
On a personal note, I was suffering from work related PTSD and going through a difficult time with life in general when I had the opportunity to adopt Tim. I would confidently say he was a big part in saving my life. So a big thank you to everyone at Niagara Dog Rescue, I think it was meant to be.