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Please provide three (3) non-family references you have known for at least 2 years that knows you as a pet owner or who can vouch for your overall responsibility:

Reference # 1

Reference # 2

Reference # 3

Rescue dogs have often been through a lot of stress and instability. We emphasize routine and training in a positive manner without the unnecessary use of harsh leash corrections, choke collars, rolling, pinning and hitting.

Do you feel that you can provide a routine and the necessary basic training in a positive manner (this may include teaching manners, basic obedience, solving a problem behavior and instilling confidence in shy dogs)?

Is there anything that you feel is important about your current pets, other people in the household, and your lifestyle so that we can appropriately match a foster dog with you.

Please advise your vet and references that you give them permission to speak with us.
By submitting this application, the applicant and co-applicant(s) certify that the information given is true, and understand that NDR reserves the right to deny your application for any reason at any time. I understand that the dog I am agreeing to foster has known behavioral issues. A trainer will be working with me on how we can address these issues but I will be the one required to put these plans into action in order to help the dog succeed.