Dear Lori and other hard workers at NDR,
Paul and I would like to extend a BIG thank you to you and Niagara Dog Rescue for giving us the opportunity to adopt an amazing dog like Bear (a.k.a. Teddy Bear). I have wanted a dog ever since I could ask for one. As my parents wouldn’t get me one I resigned myself to baby sitting all the neighbourhood dogs. Now that we finally got our dog I keep hearing that Bear won the “doggy lottery”. However I would beg to differ as I believe we won the “rescue dog lottery”. Bear is meshing in our family just perfectly. He’s learnt his name, how to sit, and “nah nah” very quickly. He’s gentle, loves people/dogs/cats, and is constantly wagging his tail.
He’s almost 100% house trained but will occasionally mark the house which we’re working on successfully. We are looking forward to making a stronger bond when we start some training classes to brush up on training skills for Bear and ourselves. Here are a few pictures of Bear. Unfortunately we are limited as we’ve found we’ve actually disconnected from our phones since we got Bear – more living in the moment and less looking through a screen.
Once again thank you so much for giving us our new baby!