When looking for a 2nd dog I was drawn to this little beauty who was described as being a sweet little social butterfly. This tough but sweet little girl sounded like just the right fit. We were initially worried about her integration with our 5 Year old Male German Sheppard Bruce as he hasn’t lived with other dogs before. After having done a TON of reading on the subject and many other dog related ones we are happy to say that we are now one happy pack/family. Within just a few days we were so happy to see them playing, sharing a TON kisses (they are quite smitten with each other) and getting along extremely well. We are ecstatic that Bruce now has a friend to play with and that Gisele is in a forever home where she will be spoiled with love forever. 1 month later we couldn’t be happier. Gisele greets everyone so enthusiastically, she plays so well with other dogs and is the little cuddle bug we always wanted. Gisele, a.k.a. Gigi, is smart, sweet, stubborn, and utterly perfect for us 🙂 Obedience classes start soon for them both and we are considering possibly agility training for fun as well as she is agile and energetic. She is everything we could ask for. Thank you NDR for all you do. There are a ton of great dogs out there that need people like you to help find their forever homes and their own happily ever afters. Sincerely,