Saturday, July 23, 2016 To the Wonderful People at Niagara Dog Rescue: I would like to give you an updated on Dandelion, whom I adopted just one week ago today. Dandelion was a very sweet girl right from the start, but also very timid. With patience and letting her explore her new environment at her own pace, within a very short period of time, she was very calm and adjusted well. I have enjoyed her so much. She loves her toys, especially playing fetch the ball. She is coming along well on the leash. She is pulling less, but when a squirrel is in sight it takes a lot to keep her focused on the walk, but I am working on this. After my Kilo passed away on March 19th of this year, I thought my heart would break. I had Kilo for 10 years. I rescued him at the age of 3 years. I made up my mind that I would never adopt another dog, as I did not want to bear this much grief again. Three months went by and although I was still grieving for Kilo, another part of me felt such a void. The house felt so empty. I knew what was missing. I was missing a friend to always be there; a friend who was never too tired to go for a walk with me; a friend who was always there sitting patiently beside me as I typed on my laptop or watched the latest news. So after some serious thought, I knew it was time to look for my new “Best Friend”. With the help of Niagara Dog Rescue that dream came true and her name is Dandelion! Thank you to all the great people at NDR and to all the wonderful foster parents. Without your enduring and outstanding work in providing safe and structured homes for these delightful doggies, we would have less “Best Friends” in the world to make our lives complete. I sincerely thank everyone involved in bringing Dandelion into my life!