Just a quick update from Tim Dog, he is doing so great!
Happy and playful I have been taking him most days to a leash free park where he hangs with the pack, with no social issues at all! He runs with me and definitely challenges me to hurry up.
His submissive behaviors are slowly disappearing and he has almost mastered come, sit and stay even when distracted. He has become a bit of an online celebrity through my Facebook and Instagram. He has also bonded with my girlfriend (He’s a bit of a ladies man) Also, the owner of the Dundas Pet Value has featured him on her social media, as he shares a name with her dad (the previous owner of the store)
Attached are some shots from the other day when we were hiking in the conservation area!
He is a clever and lovely boy with such amazing personality and expression.
On a personal note, I was suffering from work related PTSD and going through a difficult time with life in general when I had the opportunity to adopt Tim. I would confidently say he was a big part in saving my life. So a big thank you to everyone at Niagara Dog Rescue, I think it was meant to be.