This is DAX now… Dax is an amazing, friendly, happy and goofy boy… however he did not start this way from the beginning… When we first picked Dax up he was timid, scared of new people and would nip at them out of fear, he also had no training whatsoever. Dax came to NDR the same way most of our dogs do, found as a stray and put on the list to be euthanized. Knowing this I understood his behaviour, the nipping was not aggression, he was not mean and had no intent to hurt anyone he was just scared! So we worked with him, we had patience and understanding, we did not invite all of our friends to meet him the first week we got him, we gave him a safe spot to escape to if he wanted (nice soft warm crate). We gave Dax structure with walks and regular feeding schedules. Within a few weeks he really started to come out of his shell and with this came jumping on people because he realized they were not going to hurt him, then came the training to not jump on people but to say hello nicely smile emoticon. We brought him places, pet stores, walks around a busy campus and of course brought treats, had people make him “sit” and he got a treat- he sees new people as awesome and now sits when he meets people! We saw that having another dog around really gave him confidence around new people so we scheduled walks with friends with dogs and saw him turn into a different more confident and happy dog. Today it has been 6 months and he is the most loving, sweet and happy boy, he loves to play with all dogs and he amazing with any dog, he loves kids and will take treats so gently from them. He knows everyone around the neighbourhood and they know him and say hi every day. Bottom line he is AMAZING! Is the training done, no of course not! Training is on going and this is fun, training keeps your dogs mind busy and strenghtens the bond between owner and dog. So all this to say PLEASE HAVE PATIENCE with your new rescue pup, they will return this with giving you their whole heart and loving you without question. #rescuedogsarentbroken