Everything is great! We’re enjoying his company very much. I can tell you how his week went. He was happy in the apartment right away, we could tell he enjoyed the indoors more than outside. He slept well on the first night but he woke up pretty aware his surroundings. He was scared of the sounds of the building, the cars outside, and other dogs barking. Shows some signs of separation anxiety. He’s attached to my partner Amanda and cried and cried when she left for work this morning. He likes to sit on his bum outside until he gets to go back in. We’ve been working with him everyday and now instead of putting on the brakes we’ve got him to go all the way downstairs and outside in one stride. He’s still having issues with potty training but he’s getting much better. He doesn’t really get that he’s supposed to pee outside, he waits and waits until he finally goes. He’s a very sweet boy and loves people and loves over dogs. He met his grandparents and aunties this past weekend and got to play with the hose and water at our bbq. He’s got all his heartworm and flea/tick prevention. Microchip is up to date. Puppy training classes start on July 8th! We’re very happy! I’ve attached some photos for you!