An update on Ariel adopted from NDR November 2015. When Ariel first arrived at our home, she was not house trained, extremely nervous, afraid of noises and afraid of other dogs. She only took a week to house train, she is no longer afraid of noises and other dogs. Ariel is actually a very special dog. She is so smart and has been so easy to train. She loves her daily walks and she walks properly, she sits before she crosses the street and is always looking back to insure her new sister is safe. Ariel is extremely fast and loves to run around the yard at top speed, such a joy to see. Her favourite game is playing catch with a tennis ball and yes she can catch and actually will throw you the ball with her mouth. Everyone on our street has got to know and love her. She has become a big sister to our diabetic and blind 10 year old Maltese. She has now grown from 45 lbs to 80 lbs in 8 months and I think she will level out around 100 lbs. We can not thank the gals at NDR enough for allowing Ariel in our lives.