Diamond, now Audi came into our lives in February and quickly became a member of our ‘clan’. We have a 4 year old gentle cat so it was important that our new addition get along with him. At first of course our cat Beemer, was leery and Audi had great fun chasing him in fun, never aggressively. In fact, this sweet girl has never shown an ounce of aggression to any of us. Only if she sees a small critter outside, then her instincts take over and she wants to chase them. She is so sweet, gentle and very loving. Audi has become my shadow and is always nearby, keeping me company. She has even shown her gentleness with children, there is no doubt her personality is all Lab. We’re pleased to see that Audi and Beemer have accepted each other. When we brought her home, we found she did not know any commands, did not know how to take walks and could not climb stairs. This was so sad to me, as she is so eager and very quick to learn. We attended dog classes which was a great help, both she and I learned the proper way to walk, stay, sit, etc. all by positive reinforcement. Unfortunately, she is not great at socializing with other dogs, I think due to her history. However, we are slowly working on that as well, and I think she will realize some dogs just want to have fun, just like her. I am amazed that Audi has never misbehaved in our home, no separation anxiety and sticks to her toys and bones for chewing. Audi is playful, funny, so adorable and is content just to be with us. She has cute little Shar-Pei ears and huge webbed feet, which all add to her character. I can’t wait to see her swim this summer! We are quite impressed with Niagara Dog Rescue, I really liked the fact that I could contact someone and get my questions answered. I have even sent photos to her foster mom. Thanks again for bringing our Audi into our lives, we are one happy family now. Cheers,