Just wanted to give you a quick update on Mozart. He actually adjusted pretty smoothly to his new home and new family. When I think about everything he went through that were probably new experiences for him- Elevators, Subways, Automatic doors, busy streets, packed sidewalks, etc… and comparing how he was when I first got him compared to today which is 3 months yesterday- he’s really made progress and is part of the family. He used to get into these hyper active modes where he was totally uncontrollable- he never gets that way anymore- when he’s really fired up- I can put him in sit stay and lie stay and he’s calm again (But I don’t mind him getting playful from time to time in the right time and place). He’s stopped leash biting and walks very nicely on his leash ALL the time (even when there’s something he really wants to see- he gently tugs but if I call him off, he doesn’t press the issue). He flew through his first obedience course and we enrolled in the advanced class that started last week. At the class we played a game that tested Mozart’s “Stay” skills- and he came in second in the class out of 7 students. He’s adapted so well to the new busy urban environment, but more than that- he’s become a loving, dependable member of the household. Very intelligent- so much that he’s too smart for some games (He stopped chasing the laser dot after 20 minutes when he realized I was holding the pointer), and loves training. He’s great with other dogs and people and so gentle and docile he’s good with cats, kids and babies and old people. (I’m thinking of getting him to do the Therapy Dog thing)

Thank you for connecting me with my little friend who has found his forever home. Some people say I saved the rescue’s life- I say he saved mine. Cheers