We have renamed Brad to Cody and he is responding well to that now.
He is a wonderful dog, friendly and gentle. Considering what his background might have been.
He was only in the crate for less than a week then he made himself comfortable around the house during day and in our bedroom at night.
Has only had a couple of accidents, when we didn’t recognize his signs. All good now.
When we first got him he had some health issues, a badly abscessed tooth, antibiotics took care of that.
He still has two teeth that will probably have to come out(cracked).
Also he has shoulder dysplasia and is on good food, glucosamine tablets and cartrophen injections this seems to be helping.
He gets along great with our other dog, but Cody doesn’t seem to know how to play outside, she is trying to teach him..
Cody loves to walk, but is also happy just to chill close to us in the backyard.
We are so glad to have him, he is and he will always be.. well cared for.
Thank you for all your help and a wonderful dog.