We are very happy with Maddox…. aka Maddy; furry-butt Elvis (when he curls his lip); Simba (his coat is golden like a lion).
It has taken some adjustment, but we’re getting along great now. Maddy came to us a sick dog (worms, fleas, kennel cough, giardia), so we didn’t really get to know his “normal” until we took care of that first. He was cautious at first, stressed and didn’t know basic commands. Being our first dog, we had to learn how to speak his language and train him.
Now, with many vet visits, obedience training, and advice from our dog-loving friends behind us, he’s just a sweet part of our family. He knows about a dozen commands, is getting better on the leash everyday and is becoming more affectionate. He loves balls (he’s learned
to play ball by himself), walks/runs, and anything edible. We’re working on his recall (start classes next week), his behavior with other dogs (occasionally he gets overexcited and dominant), his love of chewing our shoes to pieces, and his occasional peeing on the floor in front of us. If we’re unable to overcome these behaviors on our own, we will have to find someone to help.
Overall, we think he’s an amazing dog and will just become even better as he matures and grows. We are happy he’s a part of our family!