“Hi! My name is Koby! I was just adopted my by new Mum and Dad, Susan and Robert after my long drive to Canada. I met my new, big brother, Bronson and he is SOOO fun. We romp and play together and he is showing me the “ropes”. I am soooo happy to be with my new family. They take me fun places like the beach, car rides and long walks. I get lots of hugs and bum scratches every day. I get to run free in my nice fenced yard and play frisbee and ball. I haven’t tried swimming in the pool or lake yet but I’m sure Bronson will show me that too. I have learned to sit and I am getting pretty good at walking on a leash too. Mum and Dad tell me I am starting school this weekend so I can learn more new things. I can’t wait. I LOVE my forever family!! Thank you to everyone who helped save me and give me my new, happy life. Big, sloppy kisses… Love Koby xoxo