“Channing” the dog/new name is… Ralphie Note from Ralphie. I have my very own backyard!!! I have peed on every tree and bush and flower so I know it’s my place for sure. I really love it here!! I got to dig my own hole in the garden and didn’t even get in trouble. I even threw dirt on my new mom and she didn’t mind. I have run everywhere, through the flower gardens and under the big spruce trees. And yipee, there are squirrels and bunnies to chase. There is so much to do. I get to go on the longest walks all over the place in the morning and then again in the evening. There are so many things to smell. I have met other dogs on my walks and we are all friendly. I have met two little boys next door and they really like me. I have met my other neighbours and friendly people everywhere and everybody loves me so much!! This is the best ever place and I’m staying! I have a toy box full of a million toys and they are everywhere and we trip on them, but that’s fun because they squeek! I’m pretty exhausted when we all fall asleep on the bed at night! Sigh, life is great. zzzzzz Thanks Niagara Dog Rescue for saving me!!!!!!!!!!!