Hi Niagara Dog rescue. Just wanted to give you an update on Noble, renamed Max. Max is amazing. As soon as I met him at his foster, Megan’s home, I knew we would be two peas in a pod. He is the most loving, cuddly, well mannered dog ever. He is great in his crate when I am at work and is amazing with other dogs, kids, adults and even cats. Max is exactly what I needed in my life and I’m pretty sure we rescued each other mutually. We have been accident free, and he has settled into the life of the big city well. He is starting to get used to the snow and has his trust winter coat that he loves. Max is starting to relearn commands and is doing quite well. I am still in shock as how well he has transitioned. Thank you again for all that you do for dogs and for all that you did for Max and me.