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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Niagara Dog Rescue (NDR)!We operate solely by volunteers and the donation of their time and services.

Any assistance you may be able to provide will be greatly appreciated by our organization and by the dogs we rescue. The following application is to screen volunteers as to their knowledge and experience.

Please fill out the form below as completely and accurately as possible. Incomplete applications cannot be accepted.  Thank you!

Please provide three (3) non-family references that have known you for at least two years:

Please advise your vet and references that you give them permission to speak with us.

By submitting this form, I hereby agree to abide by the following policies during the time I am volunteering with NDR:
1. I understand it is my decision to volunteer with NDR, and I will not hold NDR, nor any of its members, liable for damage, injury or harm caused directly or indirectly, through my volunteer activities with NDR.
2. I understand that, as a NDR volunteer, I am representing NDR, and my actions and behaviour should reflect NDR in a positive manner.
3. I understand that I cannot enter into agreements on behalf of the organization; any such activity will be forwarded to the Board of Directors.
4. I understand that I must have prior approval from an officer of the Board of Directors, as well as the necessary documentation and receipts in order to be reimbursed for expenses.
5. I understand that I represent a non-profit organization and cannot profit from any activity related to the organization.
6. I understand that NDR cannot guarantee or be held responsible for the health, behaviour or temperament of any rescue dog I may handle. I am aware that rescue dogs may cause personal or property damage and agree to keep any dog in my care securely contained.
7. I attest that the statements and information in this Volunteer Application are accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that by submitting this application I agree to the policies as set forth in this application.


Happy Adopter!
Midnight is doing awesome…but she has had a name change to Izzy. She is settling in really well. She is so well behaved and smart! She truly is stunning. People are coming off their porch to meet her when I walk her. Everyone is trying to figure out what she is a mix of, but I say she’s a mix of wonderful! She is such a wonderful girl! Thank you to you and your team for the wonderful work you do:).